How to Find Employees

STEP 1 : Go to to search our library of successful job postings. Just enter the title of the position that you need filled to get started on your own posting.

how to find employees

FAQ : What determines the list of prior “successful jobs” I see from my search? Successful jobs are based on a perpetually learning algorithm that includes such factors as the quantity and quality of candidates that were received, the speed in finding the candidate that was hired and the hiring manager’s satisfaction.

FAQ : What’s the advantage of using HireMojo’s library? Only with HireMojo do you get a huge head start on launching your job by tapping into to our library of Job Descriptions & Interview Questions that led to successful hires. Gone are the days of staring blankly at a Word doc with Job-Description writer’s block. We provide you with real-time examples of what’s attracting employees in your industry, which will help you find the best employees for your open position. Our library keeps growing and gets smarter with every hire (kind of like a weird brain-creature from a 50’s sci-fi movie, but instead of taking over the world, it helps you hire great people!).

how to find employees with a good job descriptionClick on a job description that best describes your available position… and you’ll be taken to the details of that job
how to find employees and workers is easy with hiremojo

Notice that you’re on tab 1 of 4 at the top of the page: Job Information, Initial Interview Questions, Essay Interview Questions and Job Statistics. You’ll want to review these other sections briefly as well to ensure the job you’re evaluating is a good starting point for your own job posting.


First, let’s review the Job Statistics Tab…

how to find employees using job statistics

It probably feels like a no-no, but skip to the fourth tab first – it’s where we keep all the valuable stats related to the candidate search. It details how the applicant pool was narrowed from the initial group down to the hire. You can also see what channels were used to create the initial applicant pool, and how long it took to find the person hired.

HireMojo operates within the Cloud and uses a variety of job boards, such as Monster & Dice, email campaigns and social networks to bring you the broadest range of qualified candidates.

BENEFIT : These stats remove most of the guesswork about how and where to connect with great people saving you time and making you more efficient. It also gives you insight into how long it may take to make your hire so you can plan accordingly.


Next, let’s poke around in the Job Information Tab…


You probably know this best as the “Job Description” – the descriptive, specific qualifications and responsibilities of the candidate you’re looking for. You’ll see a description of the job in the Candidate Message field. This is where the job is “sold” to candidates. It speaks to the interesting technologies they’ll be using, the fast-track growth path, the cool projects they’ll own. A good Candidate Message will make the candidate say “wow, that sounds like something I want!” The other elements are pretty self-explanatory.

TIP : Market your job to the right candidate with love and care, don’t just describe the role. Illustrate why your ideal candidate would want to work for your company.


Now let’s check out the Initial Interview Questions Tab…

how to find employees with custom interviews

Please understand Initial Interview Questions are not questions asked in a physical interview. They are questions candidates answer online to determine those that match your needs & company culture. By asking the candidates a series of multiple choice questions about their experience and core skills as well as about basic requirements such as location, work authorization, compensation, travel, etc., our system scores and ranks the candidates. This ensures you’re evaluating the best candidates first (and weeds out the ones that shouldn’t have even applied in the first place).

The online interviews are totally customizable and feature a point system and threshold that an applicant must clear in order to advance to the next stage in the hiring process.

TIP : You’ll be able to Search our proprietary Library of thousands of questions then Add and Customize them to create the best mix for your job. Need them to be Bi-Lingual? Do a Search for Bi-Lingual and pick a question that is all ready to go.

BENEFIT : This vetting process effectively eliminates the headache of sifting through 100s of resumes, replacing it with a simple test of qualifications. Besides being an unprecedented time saver for you, HireMojo saves time for your applicants as well, automatically sending polite notifications of “thanks but no thanks” to those who don’t make the cut. This is one of the core magical ingredients of HireMojo!



Finally, review the Secondary (Essay) Interview Questions…

how to find employees by screening candidates

This customizable section provides a more rounded look at each candidate. Only those who score high enough to pass the Initial Interview are forwarded to these open-ended qualitative questions. It allows them to give you further insight into their experience, biases, work ethic, and more. Unlike the previous section, essays are not scored but are automatically passed on to you, giving you even more help in choosing your interviewees.

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